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We believe in providing the highest quality materials and best practices up front so you aren't left with a big hole of problems in your backyard.  Cutting quality does save money up front. But we know a pool is a permanent part of your life for the time you stay in your house.  Cutting quality will only lead to problems for you that will rear their ugly head over time.  Make the investment now or make the investment later. 

Pool Shopping Preparation


Let us start by saying we are very excited for you and those who will enjoy a new pool with you. We take for granted all the things that we in this industry are exposed to every day. It leaves us talking about things like “Turnover Rates,” and “GPM” and other terms that mean nothing to you right now. The experience of over 36 years in operation has led our business through many opportunities to learn and grow. We have seen the fads come and go. We have watched competitors come and go.

We understand and appreciate the fact that a pool is far from a “small” purchase. Our role as professionals in this industry is to make you as informed as possible about How we build our pools and Why. Please take the time to ask as many questions of us and any builder whom you receive a bid from. Also, make contact with the individuals used as references and go out and see the work that has been performed for yourself. It happens every year that we are called in to help someone with a nightmare.  They thought they were using someone who had the credentials and they didn't perform any due diligence to verify what they were being told. We highly recommend this not be a rushed decision. Price is certainly high on your mind as you start this process. Please consider the materials and workmanship that culminate to establish the price and the end product.

Use us as a resource at any point as you wade through this initial phase of comparing options. There are many ways to show options and to hide items not included. Our main objective is to be as transparent as possible and create the most realistic expectation without leaving out costs we know you will encounter for the sake of getting the job.

Thanks again for allowing us to participate in the opportunity with you.

Shoemaker Pool & Spa has a proud history of delivering superior quality design and craftsmanship to its customers in the Birmingham and Northern Alabama area. We consistently do more than is required to create ideal backyard environments, which meet the needs of each client.  The long term nature of our pool service business has given us the opportunity to see down the road to make service on the pool and the equipment simple.  We believe that a swimming pool can be your greatest joy, or your worst nightmare.  We install spare lines and backup systems in the initial pool construction.  All plumbing lines are seperate from the pool back to the equipment pad so they can be isolated if service is necessary down the road.  Our pumps and filters are generally oversized for the amount of water being filtered.  The clarity of the water is dependent on multiple factors:  Chemicals, filtration and circulation.  By having pumps and filters sized to clean the water, the chemical needs for sanitizers can be dimnished.

Our goal in swimming pool construction is to create customers for life and to provide our customers with a place to bring their friends and families together.  What better for family togetherness than to swim and play together at your house for many years to come?  Please contact us and let's get the process started now.  View our gallery or visit to see photos of finsihed jobs and jobs in progress.  Check back often as we update regularly.

The following is a list of the some of the many features and benefits of a Gunite swimming pool constructed by Shoemaker Pools:

  1. Flexible design for shapes and features related to the pool. 
  2. Experienced excavators who are capable of assuring suitable soil condition in regard to bearing capacity. 
  3. 6" gravel bed under the concrete floor. 
  4. 6" thick Gunite (not Shotcrete) wall featuring minimum 1/2" rebar on 10" center. 
  5. 6" thick pool floor consisting of 4000 psi concrete and same steel schedule as walls 
  6. Frostproof 6" x 6" swimming pool tile selected from our samples. 
  7. Frost proof 3" x 3" bull nose tile to border the front of the step area to create a clean plaster edge on step treads. 
  8. Commercial series high-rate sand filter. 
  9. Side mount multiport valve to control fimctions of filter. 
  10. Swimming pool pumps specially designed to limit noise production. 
  11. Commercial series waterline skimmers. 
  12. Stainless steel lintel to bridge space over mouth of skimmer opening, providing strong surface for coping material to attach on top of. 
  13. Minimum two 12" x 12" main drains with grates. 
  14. Dedicated plumbing lines run to each main drain individually. 
  15. Dedicated plumbing lines run to each return individually. 
  16. Dedicated plumbing lines run to each skimmer individually. 
  17. 2" Schedule 40 PVC plumbing to all suction lines (main drain & skimmer). 
  18. 2" Schedule 40 PVC plumbing to all return lines. 
  19. Equalizer lines for skimmers to maintain suction in cases of low water volume in pool. 
  20. Directional jet fittings for return lines. 
  21. Automatic cleaner line is run to pool with option to customer to add the automatic cleaner during construction or at some future time. 
  22. Backwash line is stubbed out 10' from equipment pad. 
  23. Plumbing lines are valved individually for exact control by customer. 
  24. Spare plumbing lines run during initial construction to facilitate simplified repairif needed in the future.
  25. Redundant pressure testing of the plumbing lines to confirm their integrity after various phases of construction. This is to ensure that another trade (i.e. gas plumber, sprinkler installer, deck installer) has not damaged our plumbing lines. 
  26. Two 500-watt light fixtures. 
  27. Custom color powder coated handrails, color chosen from samples. 

We will also be adding links to some of the vendors and craftsman we use to help make our finished product truly spectacular.  Please visit the sites of these companies as they may also provide some ideas for your backyard pool and landscape.

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