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At Shoemaker Pool Service, Inc. we want to provide backyard environments for our customers to enjoy with their friends and families for years to come.  We want them to have a space for birthday parties, team parties, graduation parties and even one day engagement and wedding parties.

We use the best materials and the best building practices to provide a finished product that offers the most user friendly pool possible. As a result of our practices, we build incredible pools and surrounding outdoor spaces.

Sometimes we have potential customers who come to us with a perception that our pools are too expensive compared to our competitors.  With just a small amount of sharing we are able to explain the difference in our up front pricing vs. others who do not provide all the information. Click here to visit our Construction page to see what they are leaving out.

Shoemaker Pool & Spa has a proud history of delivering superior quality design and craftsmanship in its Gunite pools to its customers. We have been in the swimming pool service and swimming pool maintenance business for over 30 years in Birmingham and North-Central Alabama.  Our company consistently does more than is required to create ideal backyard environments, which meet the needs of each client. Known and appreciated for going the extra mile, owners Michael and Mark Shoemaker and their staff bring insight and wisdom to the pool building process.

In addition to our swimming pools, we also offer Hot Spring Spas through our Gameroom Designs division.  Having a spa can provide hydrotherapy as well as a place for family to connect. Please contact our office so we can talk about ways we can offer you a new reason to keep the family together at home.

In our 30+ years in business we have taken pride in providing the best practices in our swimming pool services and construction techniques.  Since 1978, Mike Shoemaker has been involved in the construction and renovation of Gunite swimming pools.

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According to Michael Shoemaker, knowledge is a mainstay of his company’s success. His team knows which products will produce the desired results. Striving to turn dreams into reality, they listen carefully to their customers. Flexibility and patience, considered key ingredients, allow the company to adapt if the need for change arises.

”A pool is an extension of the home and of the family.  We work hard to make the experience as enjoyable for the homeowner as we can, and the least intrusive. Our goal is for everyone to be good friends by the time we finish.”   – Mike Shoemaker

The company has experienced a generous share of recognition over the years, including feature photography in national print advertising and magazines, such as Landscape Architect, Portico Birmingham and Birmingham Home and Garden. In February, 2005, Shoemaker Pool & Spa was invited to assist in the construction of a backyard waterpark as part of ABC’s Extreme Makeover: Home Edition.

Above all, Shoemaker Pool & Spa is committed to people. Operating on the same morals and values adopted in 1978, Shoemaker understands the importance of giving back. Volunteering and contributing to a variety of charitable organizations allows the company to thank the community it feels so fortunate to serve. Whether helping to create the perfect poolscape, donating time or financial assistance, the company displays a personal touch in all of its endeavors.