10 Best Receipt Scanner Apps Tools to Keep Track of Expenses 2024

best app for keeping track of receipts

Furthermore, app developers often provide two-factor authentication (2FA) as an additional security layer. Enabling 2FA helps protect your account even if your login credentials get compromised. Proper availability across https://www.bookstime.com/articles/independent-contractor-vs-employee devices is crucial for seamless integration into existing workflows and accounting systems. Kristy Snyder is a professional writer and editor living in Pittsburgh with over 10 years of content creation experience.

If you send everything over to an accountant, this could also be a good solution for you. Then you have it stored in one place, rather than having to look through the photos on your phone if you need to resend it. Depending on the app and its functions, you may be able to organize your transactions into different categories. FreshBooks, for example, auto-categorizes your receipts, and allows you to add notes. And if you use FreshBooks for your accounting needs, Abukai also integrates seamlessly with the platform and automatically posts your expense entries to your account for you.

Dext – best for financial documents

Evernote Scannable can also extract information from business cards and save it to a user’s contacts list. ABUKAI Expenses is a financial management tool that allows users to create and track expense reports. The app offers a free account with the ability to run up to 12 expense reports per year, as well as paid accounts with unlimited report capabilities. Users can upload a variety of file types, including Excel, PDF, CSV, and more and can access the app through a variety of devices including iPhone, Android and Blackberry. ABUKAI Expenses offers receipt tracking aimed at businesses, with prices starting at $99 per user per year, plus a one-time setup fee of $49. While this pricing plan is higher than some of the other apps on our list, ABUKAI’s detailed reporting options may make it worth it for some users.

If you’re already an Evernote user, you’ll definitely want to check out receipts. While Evernote is only compatible with iOS devices, it is one of the best receipt scanning and tracking apps available. A preview of the uploaded image allows you to approve or discard it before snapping the next picture. There are several options that differ by the number of receipts you think you’ll need to upload per year.

Best for Global Expenses

The Lite, Plus and Premium plans are available at 75% off for the first three months during the current promotion. Like the others on this list, Emburse Certify features automatic report creation, streamlined approvals and built-in policy controls. This means your best app for keeping track of receipts employees can spend based on preset guidelines—and you don’t have to waste so much time reviewing expenses. One unique feature is the ability to issue virtual cards for expenses, eliminating the need for employees to pay out of pocket and wait for reimbursement.